Yooper John's SKS - Battle rifle of many nations

The following  pages will show the differences in the various SKS's manufactured or used by the many nations who adopted this fine rifle.

SKS RECEIVER COVERS: I have tried to show some of the arsenal markings found on the receiver and/or receiver covers of some of the various SKS's. The countries that I know of with no special markings in these areas are: Albania and Yugoslavia. The Chinese markings are too numerous to list now but can be found on   www.sksboards.com  & on http://forums.gunboards.com/forumdisplay.php?8-AK-And-SKS-Collector-Discussion-Board    Hope this provides you with some good information.



1949 Tula Arsenal

This is the first year of production for the Russian SKS.  Note the crude stampings and NO Russian rebuild stamp.. 



1949 Tula Arsenal

This is the first year of production for the Russian SKS.  Note the more defined stampings and the Russian rebuild stamp above the date [/]. 

The Tula markings and the year stamp are completely different on these two 1949




EARLY 1950 Tula Arsenal

 This is the early 1950's stamping.  Note the similarities between it and the 1949 stamping.  The r. after the date means year. In the year 1950, I have found 3 different stampings from the Tula Arsenal.  The markings seem to improve in quality as the year progressed.


  MID 1950 Tula Arsenal



LATE 1950 Tula Arsenal


1951 Tula Arsenal 



1952 Tula Arsenal


1953 Tula Arsenal Note  the closed arrow feathers & head



         1953 Tula Arsenal Note  the open arrow feathers & head


 1953 Izhevsk Arsenal



1954 Izhevsk Arsenal


1954 Tula Arsenal



1954 Tula Arsenal


   1954 Tula Arsenal


1955 Tula Arsenal



 1955 Tula Arsenal - note rebuild mark

Beginning in late 1955 Tula made SKS's were stamped on the side of the receiver with a star.  Some covers like  the one above were stamped, others were not.  The single star on the side of the receiver carried on into 1956 when production has halted in favor of the AK-47.

 Note that 1954 shows 3 different types of stampings for the Tula Arsenal. Other markings remain similar.                         


 1955/6 Tula Arsenal

Note the deeply struck star stamped on the left side of receiver.  A letter follows the s/n, these are referred to as letter guns.



1955/6 Tula Arsenal

  Note the lightly struck star  and 4 stamped on the left side of receiver.


NO Date Tula Arsenal

This is a different one!  No date below the arsenal marking but the rear of cover is stamped with matching number to receiver. 


  Albania 1976 

Most all Albanians were marked with the year preceding the serial number. Albanians were manufactured from the late 60's to late 70's with no manufacturer during some of the years.



Sino-Soviet 1956

Early Chinese manufactured SKS's were stamped with a 26 inside a Triangle and no Chinese characters which translated to Type 56, the model designation of the Chinese SKS. Note the absence of these characters above and the presence of them below.  These were built in the only Russian supervised arsenal located  at the Jianshe armory.  Note the serial number, starting with Western type letter followed by 4 numbers.


China 1964



    Late production Chinese SKS - factory 306


China late production with sheet metal receiver

The Sheet Metal Receiver Model is a very crudely made SKS.  It is similar to the "Last Ditch" guns made by the Germans and Japanese towards the end of World War II.


Security forces (Police) markings are found on the Right Side of the receiver. Normal markings are found on the left side of the receiver. Top is an early model, note the fine markings.  Bottom is a later model and the markings seem to be less defined.




Arsenal marking on receiver is a 11 within an oval. NOTE: This is not documented and believed to be representative only.  MORE COMING SOON




Arsenal marking on receiver is a up arrow in a triangle.  The year is also marked on the receiver following the serial number.  They were made from 1957-1960. This one is 1959.




                      East German                                                            East German

Note that East German SKS's are marked on the left side of the receiver and have no markings on the receiver cover which is similar to the Albanian, Chinese, Romanian and Yugoslavian SKS's.



 East German DDR marked Russian SKS

The East German proof marking appears to be a 1 in a triangle.


      Iraqi marked Russian SKS

     The Iraqi proof marking appears to be an upside down 2 in a triangle.



Israeli marked Russian SKS

 The Israeli (IDF) proof marking appears to be a upside down crooked arrow.



North Korea Type 63



North Vietnam

Arsenal stamping on receiver or other parts is a 1 within a 5 pointed star


Yugoslavia M1959



Yugoslavia M1959/66

This model incorporated a built in grenade launching device




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