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SECTION  12:  In this section I will try to show the differences between the same part from different arsenals, years and countries. The only purpose of this page is to help make the collector aware that differences do occur and about anything could be possible. These are ALL from my personal observations and not from any books.

SKS Bolts

The various pictures below show the Bolt exploded  from various makes and models of SKS's. The early Russian SKS uses a spring loaded firing pin.  This design was later changed (1952) to newly designed firing pin and assembly. This later assembly is typical of all other SKS makers.  Currently these are the only differences I have noticed. Some are only cosmetic, some have different stampings, some are shaped slightly different and some are just plain different. NOTE: Russian 1952 year SKS's seem to be the transition SKS as far as part changes go. Russia 1950 picture applies to only the 1949-1951  Russian SKS.

l-r: late Chinese, late Russian, early Russian 




The four pictures above show the variations that I have found from the various countries and years.

I will explain more in detail below.





The Early Russian firing pin used a spring for assist and is not interchangeable with others.

The Late Russian shows a triangular machined pin with 2 flat sides.

The Early Chinese is common to all other makers not show above.

The Late Chinese Sheet Metal Receiver model shows the least amount of finishing with 1 flat spot.




Note the differences in the Early Russian where the firing pin retainer only retains the firing pin.  

The Late Russian, common to all other makers, uses the retainer to also hold extractor in place. 



The Russian 1950 is common only to the 1949-1951 Russian SKS's.


The Russian 1955 is common to 1952-1955/6 Russian and all other makers.




Left is an unaltered bolt from late model SKS    Right is altered bolt by Ben Murray.

Ben gets your firing pin spring loaded so it's not a free floater. Contact Ben about his modifications.

bulletThough firing pin orientation doesn't typically matter, in some Chinese variants the firing pin can be replaced upside-down in the bolt body, jamming it in the protruded postition. It might not be a bad idea to mark your firing pin's orientation with the body before your remove in from the bolt.
bulletBen Murray makes a retro-fit kit that replaces your firing pin, with a new pin and spring. This will virtually elimitate the possibilitly of a "slamfire" all-together. For more info check out Ben Murray's website.



Go to SKS page 13 more info on exploded Trigger Assemblies.



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