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Yooper John's SKS - Battle rifle of many nations

SECTION 27: In this section I will try to show pictures of a 1949 SPIKE bayonet Russian SKS.  The only purpose of this page is to help make the collector aware that differences do occur and about anything could be possible. These are ALL from Beryl Barnett, a long time collector of the SKS.  THANKS Beryl  and willyp !!!!






These pictures are supplied by willyp and are excellent in showing the features of the 1949 Russian SKS.  Click on the picture for a larger view!!

Enlarge photo 1

1949 Tula SKS
1st production year, early guns were improved versions of the original 1944 trials guns that saw very limited service in WWII, early production is primarily 1949 into early 1950 & these rifles have some substantial diffeences from later guns.

Enlarge photo 2

1949 w/bayonet extended
Obvious physical (visible)differences are the early guns had:
1) Spike bayonets
2) stocks were shallower in front
3) front band
4) take down lever
5) machining differences in rear sight bases, front bases/bayo mounts, floorplates, mag latches etc.

Enlarge photo 3

49 Buttstock right
All original mfg SKS's from 1949 to late 55-56 were fiteed w/hardwood stocks, this particular example has been rearsenaled but appears to have all of it's original parts.

Enlarge photo 4

49 Tula right side action
Carefully compare this view w/pics of the later guns & the comparison views later in the album for the visible differences.

Enlarge photo 5

1949 Top cover marking
Here you can see the early Tula star, date of 1949, serial (interestingly this ones serial is 1949!), also note the small rework indicator stamp os a diagonal line in a box, also note the takedown lever which is shorter has a hole in it & the pin that goes through the receiver doesn't have an "obvious" weld mark, possibly a 1pc assembly?

Enlarge photo 6

49 rear sight
Note the black paint finish, as originally these rifles had a high gloss blue finish & bright bolts, some of the rifles were refinished in black paint during refurbs some weren't, some rifles were refitted w/later parts during refurb some weren't.

Enlarge photo 7

49 rear sight closeup
Rear sight base machining is different compared to later production, you can also see the forend of the stock is much shallower, the grips are shorter & shallower also.

Enlarge photo 8

49 bayonet cutout
Here is the bayonet cutout on an original spike bayonet 1949 stock, much longer than the later blade bayonet style.

Enlarge photo 9

49 Forend, right side
Another obvious difference is the gas port on the early rifles which were 90%, the port itself appears almost square, later mfg was much more angled.

Enlarge photo 10

49 w/spike bayonet extended

Enlarge photo 11

49 w/spike bayonet extended left side

Enlarge photo 12

49 left forend

Enlarge photo 13

49 Tula gas port
A better view of the early 90%, square gas port, this port will also be found on early-mid 50's production guns, also note the different machining of the sling swivel bar, more squared on the early guns.

Enlarge photo 14

49 Tula left upper band-forend
View of the front band, much shallower than the later blade bayonet style.

Enlarge photo 15

49 Tula left forend

Enlarge photo 16

49 Tula action left view
Note the serial#, 1949!, this rifle has 2 obvious repairs to the wood.

Enlarge photo 17

49 Tula bottom trigger-mag

Enlarge photo 18

49 Tula left side buttstock
Original mfg guns would have the Tula star, date & serial number here (same markings as top cover), this rifle has the remains of the markings (couldn't get them to show in the pic as they're VERY light) which were mostly sanded off during refurb.

Enlarge photo 19

49 Tula left side bayonet extended

Enlarge photo 20

49 Tula left view





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This pictures on this page are published with written permission of Beryl Barnett


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