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Yooper John's SKS - Battle rifle of many nations

SECTION  37:  In this section I will try to show the pictures of SKS Variants.  Included are modified guns by Individuals, Importers and Host Countries. The only purpose of this page is to help make the collector aware that differences do occur and about anything could be possible. These are ALL from my personal observations and not from any books.  Photos courtesy of MANY.  I'll try to post these in categories.  Some of these pictures may be found on my other pages.

The first part I will show variants made for the U.S. market. These use the standard 10 round fixed magazine, for the Commercial made AK mag variants see page 23.  For one of a kind variants see the bottom of the page.

The most popular variant introduced to the U.S. market was the Paratrooper model.  Midwest Arms from Lower Michigan worked with the Chinese to come up with this very popular variant.  It used all standard parts except it had a shorter barrel, bayonet and cleaning rod.  The blade version with the large barrel lug and milled parts is the hardest to find.  The spike bayo version is much more common.


The SKS S was a paratrooper that had a shorter gas tube housing and piston.

Notice the shorter gas tube on the SKS S (above) than a regular paratrooper


The Farmer's Friend was a Navy Arms import that included a wooden case, scope mount, scope and bi-pod.




The Honor Guard rifle was made up to resemble the same rifle as used in China for ceremonial usage. The all had a chromed blade bayonet and leather sling along with a letter of authenticity.


A Vietnam Commemorative rifle was made in limited quantities of 1500 which makes it the most common after the paratroopers.






The Precision Degree rifle was a very limited made rifle made up for Navy Arms, compliments of Jimmy C.





I believe that Federal Ordnance either made this one up using the "jungle" stock or had it made up prior to importation.







Pictures courtesy of sksnut.


Sniper versions.  Not sure if these are original or made up for some other country but they seem to look the part!!


The above rifle has the common Nagant type mount courtesy of Mel Ashford.



This rifle uses the AK mounting system. courtesy of Paulo from Italy.


Yugo SKS with a Nagant type of mount.



This one has an unusual mount that is very rigid courtesy of Nic Robinson



SKS Airsoft rifle


SKS in 50 cal blackpowder.

Customized SKS

Here are some customized SKS's that look really nice.




Go to SKS page 38 more info on the Albanian SKS.




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