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SECTION 4 In this section I will try to show the differences between the same part from different arsenals, years and countries. The only purpose of this page is to help make the collector aware that differences do occur and about anything could be possible. These are ALL from my personal observations and not from any books.

SKS Bayonet Lug

The bayonet lug is used to hold the bayonet in either the full open position or full closed position. The various pictures below show the bayonet lug from various makes and models of the SKS. The military models held the bayonet onto the gun by the means of a screw or a pin.  Some models used a countersunk screw mounted through the flat surface of the lug.  Later years a slot was milled into the face of the lug instead of using a countersink. These changed from country to country as far as the early and late years.  NOTE:  early Russian models 1949 and into 1952 used straight cut ears on the lug and a straight cut on the adapter.  Fitting the wrong adapter to lug causes a hanging bayonet.  Later year Russian and all others used angle cuts.  Check the pictures!!! Currently these are the only differences I have noticed. Some are only cosmetic, some have different stampings, some are shaped slightly different and some are just plain different. 

Bayonet Lug



   Albania                                                                              China early


   China late                                                                         China pin type - Bayonet held in place with a pin



 China Sheet Metal Receiver Variation                     China SKS "D" model that uses AK style magazines  



East German same as late Russian                               Cassidy checking out Santa



  North  Korea                                                    North Vietnam                         


          Romania 1957                                                           Romania 1960



Russia 1949  (see below)                                                  Ava getting ready for Trick or Treat


        Russia 1949-1952                                                               Russia 1952-1956

Note that the ears of lug are not at an angle                  Late 1952 was the start of the angled ears & adapter groove

The bayonet adapter groove is not angled cut            Starting in 1952 the recess for the bayonet screw is milled out.

1949-1951 no recess for the screw is milled out.

   Yugoslavia M1959                                                                Yugoslavia M1959/66



Russian Sniper - no bayonet


This is what happens when the bayonet adapter and bayonet lugs are not matched.  "The Sag"

This is "usually" fixed by installing the correct adapter to the lugs.


Spike bayonet (late) on top and Blade bayonet with early adapter on bottom.




Top view early (L) and  Late (R) .                                Exploded view of parts.



Adapters  Early (L) and Late (R).                                Notice the cuts on the adapter.



Notice the straight cuts on the Early adapter.            Late adapter has angled bottom cut.




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