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SECTION 7: In this section I will try to show the differences between the same part from different arsenals, years and countries. The only purpose of this page is to help make the collector aware that differences do occur and about anything could be possible. These are ALL from my personal observations and not from any books.


SKS REAR SIGHT: The SKS used an adjustable elevation type of rear sight that is graduated out to 1000 meters.  Basically all the ladders look similar but some of them attached to the base differently.  Moveable pins were used on some and others just used solid  round pins.  A flat spring on the base provides the necessary tension to keep the ladder in place. The various pictures below show the rear sight ladder markings from various makes and models of SKS's. Some are only cosmetic, some have different stampings, some are shaped slightly different and some are just plain different.

Rear Sight Base Assembly



Rear sight ladder and spring removed.                        Sight base spring



Rear sight ladder (typical -late type)                                   Installing ladder into the base grooves to reassemble


     Albania - Note the D                                                           China Early  - Note the Cyrillic letter n

   China Late - Note the symbol [|]                                             China Police Issue


China Commercial Model - Note the 3                                 China Sheet Metal Receiver - Note the D (late issue)



    East Germany                                                                        North Korea                                              


 North Vietnam                                                                           Romania


   Russia Early                                                                         Russia Late Rebuild - Note unfinished metal


Notice the rear night sights on this Russian                                The Front night sight



Yugoslavia M1959  - note blued finish                   Yugoslavia M1959/66 - Note double sighting blade for night sights 



Yugoslavian M1959/66 rear radium night sight                  Yugoslavian M1959/66 front radium night sight



   Yugoslavian M1959/66 rear tritium vile night sight        Yugoslavian M1959/66 rear tritium vile night sight          


Aftermarket sights for the SKS



Tech-SIGHTS, LLC has produced two rugged, precise sighting solutions for the SKS 




 Mojo SKS sights are fully screw-adjustable for windage and elevation.

No alteration or modification to your rifle is required, with the obvious exception of removal of the stock sight



Williams Gun Sight Company, Inc.
SKS Rifle Fire Sight Set




Phil Cressman     -  Yet to establish a website for the SKS Sight
Waterloo, Ontario Canada  www.ceramicknife.org






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