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On the following pages I will try to show some of the differences between the SKS's from various countries in regards to the components making up this fine rifle.  I have done this to try and help the collector, both novice and advanced, the many possibilities that exist.  I do NOT make any claims to accuracy because these are all based on my own observations.  Thanks to Gene M, Warbird, sksnut, Udo Goff and Beryl Barnett  for contributing some of the pictures.



The various pages below show the pictures and comments from various makes and models of SKS's. Currently these are the only differences I have noticed. Some are only cosmetic, some have different stampings, some are shaped slightly different and some are just plain different.

NOTE: RUSSIAN SKS's. 1949 was the first year production and had two different variations, the most notable being a spike type of bayonet on the early version and later in 1949 switching to a blade type of bayonet.  Most other characteristics are the same for 1949-1950 except for the gas block.  Starting in 1950 several variations can be found in regards to markings and different types of latches. 1951 saw the introduction of a chrome lined barrel and late in the year a change in the bolt design.  1952 was a transition year where the trigger group, bayonet lug and adapter and the rear sight base underwent some changes.  1953 to 1956 encountered basically no changes in design. The Tula star on the receiver was believed to be used late in 1955 or early on in 1956. The top receiver covers of these rifles were unmarked.  REMEMBER that rebuilt SKS's can have different parts installed making the whole picture somewhat blurred.  The rebuild marks are shown below, these are the 2 that I am familiar with.  The one on the right looks like this [/ ] and is usually found on the receiver cover and butt stock.  The one on the left looks more like this <> and usually is up and down instead of sideways.


Rebuild marks are circled on above photo


SKS page 1 more info on Receiver and Receiver Covers Markings!


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SKS page 3 more info on Hand Guard Latches and Barrel Lugs!


SKS page 4 more info on Bayonet Lugs!


SKS page 5 more info on Bolt Carriers!


SKS page 6 more info on Trigger Guards and Housings!


SKS page 7 more info on Rear Sight Ladders!


SKS page 8 more info on Gas Cylinder Blocks!


SKS page 9 more info on Butt Plates!


SKS page 10 more info on Rear Sling Swivels!


SKS page 11 more info on Complete Guns!


SKS page 12 more info on Exploded Bolt Assemblies!


SKS page 13 more info on Trigger Housing Internals!


SKS page 14 more info on Receiver Differences!


SKS page 15 more info on Rear Sight Bases and Receiver Attachment Methods!


SKS page 16 more info Bolt Carriers!


SKS page 17 more info Cleaning Kits! 


SKS page 18 more info - Stocks! 


SKS page 19 more info - Bayonets! 


SKS page 20 more info - Slings! ---- NEW


SKS page 21 more info - NO DATE TULA Receiver Cover -  NO Receiver Star- variant SKS  NEW


SKS page 22 more info - NO DATE TULA - Receiver Star Marked - variant SKS  NEW


SKS page 23 more info - SKS M....AK variant SKS


SKS page 24 more info - What year was my SKS made?    NEW


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