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SECTION 26: In this section I will try to show pictures of a cut away models of the Romanian SKS (typical) and the Yugoslavian SKS equipped with a grenade launcher .  The only purpose of this page is to help make the collector aware that differences do occur and about anything could be possible. These are ALL from Steven R. Para from Para's Polishing in Charlotte, NC.  He does these cut aways and does a fantastic job on them.  If you are interested in his work contact Steve at 704-455-3974 or email him at paramilarm@aol.com    THANKS STEVE!!!!

Yugoslavian M59/66






Yugoslavian M59/66        

This picture shows that the grenade launcher is threaded onto the barrel of the rifle.  It also shows the small pin at the bottom that must be removed before the launcher can be unthreaded form the barrel.






This picture shows the barrel cut out and also the bayonet adapter spring.








Here we can see the gas piston and the grenade shutoff button.  This button is use to direct the gas to the grenade launcher instead of the gas piston.  The rifle then fires in the single shot mode.










This pictures shows the front sight removed and the front if the grenade launcher button.



















Another picture of the gas button.










This shows the end of the gas tube and piston under the hand guard.






Close up of the above picture.








Top right side view of the mid section of the gun.






Notice the spring for the bolt carrier, this is a long assembly piece and closes the bolt after the rifle is fired.








Close up view of the top of the gun.








This shows the sight and the cut out for the operating rod under the sight base.






Notice the spring under the rear sight, this is the op rod spring.  Also notice the bullet chambered in the weapon.








Close up view of the op rod spring and chamber.









Right side cut out showing the main operating mechanisms.













Looking at the rifle from the right rear.











This picture shows the cleaning kit installed in the butt stock.





Romanian Model 59 SKS




  Notice the gas system  along with the chrome barrel.  The end of the gas piston is also chrome plated to reduce corrosion caused by the ammunition.










Notice the spring inside the bayonet lug adapter.








This shows the round chambered in the weapon with a full clip.

Also note the barrel threads and op rod spring below the sight leaf. The op rod operates the bolt mechanism backwards to eject the spent cartridge.









This shows the trigger group in the ready to fire position.










 Here we have a close-up picture of the trigger group attached to the stock and the internals of the group.










A close up view of the trigger sear and sear spring along with the other components of the trigger group.








This picture shows the receiver cover and the way the bolt carrier spring fits.  The spring is used to close the bolt after firing and thereby loading the next cartridge.











The rear of the spring shown resting against the back of the receiver cover.











Another picture of the same spring as above going through to the front of the bolt carrier.










Same spring that forces the bolt to close thereby loading the next round.










 This picture shows the sling swivel and also the cleaning kit, spring and butt plate assembly.








Close-up of the rear sling swivel.










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