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SECTION  29:   In this section I will try to show the pictures of SKS Magazines, both issued and aftermarket. Magazine capacity was 10 rounds from a fixed magazine that could swing open from the bottom.  The gun was loaded from stripper clips that held 10 rounds and were inserted into the guide on the front of the bolt carrier.  There is also a fixed 20 round & 5 round magazine that are AFTERMARKET, but they work!  Most of the detachable "duckbill" magazines are in my opinion junk.  There are exceptions, but they are few.  Most had problems feeding, bent lips or required modifications to the gun in order to fit properly.  The AK magazine variant SKS worked well with the standard AK mag.  A 75 round drum was also available and modified to fit the SKS. The only purpose of this page is to help make the collector aware that differences do occur and about anything could be possible. These are ALL from my personal observations and not from any books.  Photos courtesy of many.


Standard SKS issue 10 rd fixed.                    SKS M std issue 10 rd AK                    SKS D std issue 30 rd AK



Fixed aftermarket 20 round magazine.                    (l to r)  fixed magazines 20 rd, 10 rd, 5 rd.


The above magazines WORK.  The 5 round is popular for use in hunting.



The Type 84, Model D and Model M all used standard AK-47 magazines.  The Type 84 came with one 30 round magazine.  The Model D came with three 30 round magazines and the Model M came with one 10 round magazine to comply with the restrictions of no bayonet lug or high capacity magazines, it was the ATF friendly model at the time.


D model as shown with all accessories & 3 mags.                M model shown with 10 round AK magazine.


These are the duckbill style that take the place of the factory 10 round fixed magazine. (L-R) 5 rd, 10 rd, 30 rd



left are Tapco plastic duckbill style and on the right is a 75 round drum.  I found that the lower the capacity, the better they worked.

I also found that USA brand metal seemed to be the best ones.  If there is no name it is usually junk, in my opinion.


U.S.A. magazine.  On the right is the standard AK magazine compared to the "duckbill" SKS magazine.


Go to SKS page 30 more pictures of Ammo, Belts & Pouches associated with the SKS.



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