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Yooper John's SKS - Battle rifle of many nations

SECTION  31:  In this section I will try to show odd markings or unusual s/n or just odd versions of the SKS. The only purpose of this page is to help make the collector aware that differences do occur and about anything could be possible. These are ALL from my personal observations and not from any books.



                5 digit Sino-Soviet SKS                                                       7 digit factory 26 that is possibly missing a digit NOT A 1957 SKS



        No factory code Chinese                                                               6 digit factory 26 that is  Not a 1956 SKS (post 1962)



DB marked Chinese SKS   Chinese characters =Brigade       DP marked - = Jilin Province NE China, Type 56 五六式



M21 from Viet Nam......with papers                                                              Newly applied s/n to Chinese SKS



Poly Tech SKS Hunter made for the U.S. Market                                Poly Tech SKS Hunter made for the U.S. Market



Chinese serial number arsenal markings on receiver                      Poly import with D stamped on receiver after s/n


NOTE:  See the chart below for the chart of Russian Refurb facilities with thanks to Ruslan Chumak for the chart and RyanE for the translation.




This is what a early Chinese on Russian Receiver would look liike.     -    Refurb no date Tula cover  see no date page 21




Different Tula Receiver Stars 1955-56                                Sino-Soviet letter gun characteristics



Israeli marked Russian SKS                                                                            Iraqi marked Russian SKS


 unknown marking from a Russian SKS in Czech Republic                  Possible East German property mark DDR  1 in a triangle.  This may be a Rebuild mark in light of some new information from Russia.



Possible East German DDR marked Russian SKS plus additional unknown marking to the upper left of DDR mark.  The Octoganal marking may be another Rebuild marking.

See Chart above for Soviet markings.


Hex stamp on Russian, any ideas - email me                                Chinese security Force markings on right side of receiver


British De-activated  marking on Russian SKS found in France          Russian with 19 O 60 stamp, any ideas - email me



Stamping /12\ on 5 digit Sino-Soviet                                            /12\ On Russian SKS 

Anybody know what this mark means??  Email me.  These are probable rebuild markings see


     Star preceding the s/n stamping                                                Tula & Izhevsk stamped stock


Chinese receiver cover with triangle stamped on cover, looks hand stamped and deep.



re-stamped - 0112539 Chinese                                                    1115005 F early Chinese re-stamped



No Arsenal stamp Chinese                                                                Russian NM 25 re-stamped iM25



Polish property stamp (11) on Russian SKS added to simulate possible marking (left)     SIX CORP marked Chinese



Long barreled Yugoslavian M59(lbottom) 


Yugo trigger group to accept AK magazines                                            Yugo Sniper scope mount


Yugo SKS showing select fire modifications................Parts removed prior to U.S. import




Differences showing late and early SKS receivers.  Note milled out area on early model



Russian paratrooper with a new s/n applied



Wes's Chinese with multiple stampings and etched s/n.  If you have one like this, email me


Go to SKS page 32 for more info factory 26 Chinese SKS'S.



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