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Yooper John's SKS - Battle rifle of many nations

SECTION  xx:   In this section I will try to show the differences between the 1949 Russian SKS and a later 1953 model. The only purpose of this page is to help make the collector aware that differences do occur and about anything could be possible. These are ALL from my personal observations and not from any books.  Photos and write up courtesy of  willyp.   NOTE: click on the thumbnail picture to see a larger view.

Enlarge photo 53

1949vs1953 Tula SKS's
The following group of pics show an early (1949-early 1950 mfg) rifle versus a mid (late 51/early52-mid 55 mfg) gun. There appear to be about 4 major mfg variants of the Russian SKS (for collectors purposes) but different features seem to have been phased in as time went on rather than all at once & some or all of the features can be found on guns, the originality & time frame of the changes can only be ascertained by examining enough verifiable original examples as possible.

Enlarge photo 54

49vs53 w/bayonets extended right side
Top: 49
Bottom: 53
Other than the bayonet the general outline of the rifles is a bit different due to the stock dimensions & the early/spike gun is longer w/the bayonets extended.

Enlarge photo 55

49vs53 right side buttplates
Left: 53 Tula
Right: 49 Tula
The 49 buttplate appears to be a bit "straighter" in profile & is thicker than the later rifle.

Enlarge photo 56

49vs53 right action
Top: 49 Tula
Bottom: 53 Tula
Note: the 53 is in original finish, the 49 is in rework finish although consisting of all it's original parts. Compare machining variations, take down lever, stock etc.

Enlarge photo 57

49vs53 right side takedown levers
Left: 49
Right: 53
My reason for using the 49 vs 53 for comparison is the 53 is probably the main style, the style between the 49-50 & late 52 is mostly a combination of both!

Enlarge photo 58

49vs53 Tulas Rear sight area

Enlarge photo 59

49vs53 Tulas forend area
Better closeup of the rear sight bases & forend for comparison.

Enlarge photo 60

49vs53 Bayonet cutouts
Here you can see the dimensional differences, a later, blade bayonet stock would have to be heavily modified & recontoured to fit the spike bayonet, also the front band is very different.

Enlarge photo 61

49vs53 Tulas right muzzle areas
Some of the "non" visible, "non" obvious differences are:
1) early guns had non chrome bores
2) early guns had 90% gas ports in the barrel
3) early guns had spring loaded firing pins
4) early guns had no disconnector as part of the trigger group
5) various machining differences in internal parts.

Enlarge photo 62

49vs53 Tulas right forends
Top: 49, 90% block
bottom: 53, 45% block
Between these 2 variants there is another that was similiar to the 53 but the machining on the outeside of the port was a bit different.

Enlarge photo 63

49vs53 left w/bayonets extended

Enlarge photo 64

49vs53 left forends

Enlarge photo 65

49vs53 bottom view bayonet hilts/mounts
Left: 49 spike bayonet
Right: 53 blade bayonet

Enlarge photo 66

49vs53 left view, gas ports
Left: 49 90%
Right: 53 45%

Enlarge photo 67

49vs53 front bands
Left: 49
Right: 53
Note the 49 is shallower, a bit narrower & has no cutout or "slit" for the blade.

Enlarge photo 68

49vs53 Forends
Top: 49
Bottom: 53
49 is much shallower in the forearm

Enlarge photo 69

49vs53 Tulas bayo cutouts
Top: 49 spike blade
Bottom: 53 blade

Enlarge photo 70

49vs53 rear sight bases
Top: 49
Bottom: 53

Enlarge photo 71

49vs53 mags/trigger assemblies
Top: 49
Bottom: 53

Enlarge photo 72

49vs53 Buttplates
Top: 49
Bottom: 53

Enlarge photo 73

49vs53 Left sides
Top: 49
Bottom: 53





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