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SECTION 6 In this section I will try to show the differences between the same part from different arsenals, years and countries. The only purpose of this page is to help make the collector aware that differences do occur and about anything could be possible. These are ALL from my personal observations and not from any books.


The trigger guard/housing is used to hold the trigger, hammer, sear and mechanism together. The quality of the trigger housing varies greatly between countries.  Early Russian ones 1949-1952 and early 1953 were different in looks and assembly than all the other ones. The housings were either made of one piece milled construction or multiple stamped pieces welded together.  The various pictures below show the trigger guards and housings from various makes and models of SKS's. Most are milled except for the late Chinese which are stamped and spot welded. The early Russian trigger groups differ from the rest, they are more complex and seldom have a safety spring installed. These use a friction type of safety. This page only shows the bottom side of the housing as mounted into the gun.  NOTE  Page 13 goes into the internals of the housing. Currently these are the only differences I have noticed. Some are only cosmetic, some have different stampings, some are shaped slightly different and some are just plain different.

Trigger Groups


     Albania early issue                                                      Albania late issue


China early milled  -  Note the finish                                China late milled - Note the finish



China late stamped -  Note that  the

trigger guard appears to be sitting on

top of the housing.                                                         China late spot welded


    North Korea                                                                       North Vietnam


                  Romania                                                             Russia 1949-1950 (friction safety)


 Russia 1951- early 1953  (friction safety)                       Russia late 1953-1956 (spring safety)

Note that on the 1949 -1952 & some 1953  the             Note the raised base of the trigger group

base of the trigger group is flat and not raised.              and one piece trigger guard and housing.

      Yugoslavia M59                                                                 Yugoslavia M59/66




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